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Tips for the Winter Season

Energy waste is easy to overlook, expecially in winter when you're just trying to stay warm. It is possible to save money without reducing your comfort level. Here's where to look:

  • Dirty filters require your heating system to work harder. Create reminders in your email calendar to change or clean your system's filter regularly. Disposable filters should be changed once a month. Also, clean your clothes dryer's filter after each load.
  • Check around doors and windows for drafts of cold air. Adding inexpensive foam strips and caulking seals in warm air can reduce your heating bill
  • An old, inefficient HVAC system can waste hundreds of dollars each year. Install an energy-efficient furnace like the SLP98V to reduce you energy bill dramatically. The Precise Comfort™ technology automatically adjusts heat and airflow in increments as small as 1% to provide the ultimate in comfort control.
  • Excess dust in your home could be a sign of air leaks. Sealing leak could reduce your annual energy bill by about 10%. *(If you own a newer home that's airtight but you still have dust problems, consider installing a Lennox PureAir air purification system.
  • Back electrical outlets and switch plates on your home's exterior walls with rubber gaskets available from home-improvement stores.
  • Rearrange your furniture to keep you warmer without turning up the heat. Move your sofa and chairs near interior walls, so they're out of the drafts that can come in through exterior walls and windows.
  • Schedule a HVAC professional to clean and precision tune your furnace. Your system's efficiency can be reduced as much as 20% by dirty equipment. We offer three different maintenance plans to help keep your system running a peak performance.
  • Replace light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs. These more effeicient bulbs produce less heat and waste less energy and the savings can be considerable during the shorter days of fall and winter.